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Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in

To login, type in your primary work email address, and your password. If you have not yet changed your password, please refer to email communcation from Ichu Rebullo with your default password.

Once you've entered in your email and password, click "Login". If it's your first time logging into the application, you'll be asked to confirm your details.

Resetting your Password

Having trouble logging into your account? Confirm that your email address is correct and if you have multiple work email addresses, please ensure you're using your primary email address

To reset your password:

  1. Go to the password reset page
  2. Enter in your primary email address
  3. If your email address is registered in the system, you will receive an email 4. with a link to reset your password. Please check your SPAM email folder.
  4. Click the link in your email to reset your password
  5. You will be taken to the reset password page
  6. Enter in your email address, and new password, and password confirmation
  7. Click Reset
  8. Login with your email and newly created password

Creating an Account

Don't have an account? No problem, you will need to:

  1. Go to the Register a new account page
  2. Fill in the form, entering your name and email
  3. Then enter in your business unit information. Select the country you work in, what company you work for, and what location you work in.
  4. Finish off by entering you password twice, and click Create Account

NOTE: You will not be able to login until a manager/administrator confirms your account.


For any help or further, contact Ichu Rebullo.

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